Wrong! producer reveals rare secret and apologizes for ‘horrible mistake’

A Wrong! the producer has revealed the show’s secret and apologized for a “terrible mistake” in a recent episode.

On March 9, viewers watching the game show were left frustrated when a clip of the contestants’ final results was shown during host Mayim Bialik’s opening speech.

The moment ruined the entire episode, and now executive producer Michael Davies has revealed why the mistake happened.

Talking about the topic Inside Jeopardy! podcast, Davies said, “Right now, sorry to our entire audience.”

He continued, “We lost it at the top of the show. We made a terrible mistake when we revealed the final score at the end in the opening cut during Mayim’s monologue.

Davies offered a rare insight into the show’s production, then said that the show’s opening sequence is often reshot after the game ends, and the cut footage, including the final results of the contestants, is replaced with the same footage from the beginning. .

He said that while it is “standard procedure to restore the podium points to the original level”, for some reason “it didn’t happen” that day – and no one in post-production caught the mistake.

“It’s a series of mistakes and it’s kind of remarkable that they all happened,” Davies said, but assured viewers that protocols are now in place “to prevent this from happening again.”

He stated: “My thing is always to focus not to focus on what happened and why it happened to punish people. This is what happened and why it happened so we can build a protocol to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

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“In a groove!” gave the results of the episode at the very beginning


Davies apologized to “anyone whose experience of this program was ruined”, continuing: “We take these mistakes to heart so hard, the self-beep that goes on in the senior management team and the post team and everyone involved.”

“It is a good thing Wrong. We take mistakes really, really seriously.”

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