The FDA and CDC say hepatitis A can be found in frozen organic strawberries

The FDA and CDC are investigating an outbreak of hepatitis A in frozen organic strawberries sold at Costco and Trader Joe’s after the virus was linked to a supplier with farms in Baja California, officials said.

According to the FDA, the frozen organic strawberries were sold to multiple retailers under multiple brands and were imported from Mexico in 2022.

The hepatitis A strain is also “genetically identical” to the strain that caused a May 2022 outbreak of hepatitis A infections in fresh organic strawberries imported from farms in Baja California, officials said.

According to experts, some of the symptoms of hepatitis A infection include fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and jaundice. In some cases, the infection may be asymptomatic in children under 6 years of age.

According to data provided by the CDC to the FDA, 5 out of 5 people who reported what they ate when they got sick reported eating frozen strawberries.

An FDA trace investigation then identified a common supplier of frozen organic strawberries, according to the agency.

In response to the investigation, California Splendor, Inc. of San Diego has voluntarily recalled 4-pound bags of Kirkland Signature frozen whole organic strawberries, the FDA said, adding that those bags were sold at Costco stores in Los Angeles and Hawaii. and in two San Diego business centers.

Scenic Fruit Company of Gresham, Ore. also voluntarily recalled frozen organic strawberries sold nationwide to Costco and Trader Joe’s, according to officials. Consumers should avoid the 4-pound Kirkland Signature Organic Freezes and the 16-ounce Trader Joe’s Organic Tropical Fruit Mixes.

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