Katy Perry reveals that she has been sober for five weeks – and even made a deal with her fiance Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry reveals that she has been sober for five weeks. The singer and mother of one has agreed with her fiance Orlando Bloom to quit for three months, she said at People magazine’s Mister Paradise event in New York. The artist, 38, jokingly pretended to cry as he said: “I’ve been sober for five … Read more

Robin Williams co-star Sam Neill reveals late actor was ‘the saddest person I’ve ever met’

Sam Neill appeared alongside Robin Williams in the 1999 film Bicentennial Man Neill said Williams had a magnetic personality that he could turn it off and on He said he could sense that Williams was deeply saddened Robin Williams co-star Sam Neill recalled the comedian as one of the most depressed and lonely people he … Read more

Experts reveal why we should look at our metabolism as an indicator of health

Body mass index (BMI) has long been a way to check if we are healthy or not. But some believe it’s completely gone — and that there’s a better way to measure fitness. British experts have revealed how Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) could actually be a powerful indicator, with the hashtag #MetabolicHealth gaining 66 million … Read more

Mother-of-three Kate Grainger reveals the “strange” symptom that led to the shock diagnosis

Freddy Pawle for Daily Mail Australia 15:37 25/03/2023, updated 15:44 25/3/2023 The mother of three is fighting a rare, aggressive breast cancer The GoFundMe has raised more than $65,000 A mother-of-three is warning other women about a “strange” symptom she noticed just weeks after giving birth that led to her being diagnosed with an aggressive … Read more

The map shows the cities in the United States with the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases

By Cassidy Morrison Senior Health Editor for Dailymail.com Updated: 11:48 a.m. March 25, 2023 Fifteen states have more than a thousand STD cases per 100,000 people Southern states were disproportionately represented in the list of one hundred cities Experts have been warning for years that cases of gonorrhea and syphilis are increasing The American cities … Read more

Dick Van Dyke, 97, looks hacked up in LA as he bares his face after planting his steering wheel

Deirdre Simonds and Rachael Bunyan for Mailonline 00.15 25.3.2023, updated 00.58 25.3.2023 Hollywood legend Dick Van Dyke has revealed he is “all sore” after he “grew his steering wheel” and suffered moderate injuries when he crashed his Lexus LS 500 into a gate in Malibu last week. In his first public sightings since the terrifying … Read more

Healthy Mummy’s weight loss experts reveal how to get rid of belly fat and reduce bloating

By Louise Allingham for Daily Mail Australia 20.58 22.3.2023, updated 21.19 22.3.2023 A healthy mummy reveals how to get rid of belly fat They listed foods that promote fat accumulation High-intensity exercise was also recommended Health experts have revealed five ways you can lose belly fat in just a week – and the foods to … Read more

NIH research reveals common genetic markers underlying substance use disorders

Press release Wednesday, March 22, 2023 Breakthrough findings may lead to more effective prevention and treatment strategies for multiple substance use disorders. By sifting through the genome data of more than a million people, researchers have identified genes that are commonly inherited between addiction disorders, regardless of the substance used. This dataset—one of the largest … Read more

Nick Carter says he has a dozen witnesses to disprove claims he sexually assaulted woman in 2001

By Alesia Stanford for Dailymail.com 19.12 19.3.2023, updated Nick Carter has claimed he has witnesses to disprove a woman’s claim that he sexually assaulted her in the early 2000s. The Backstreet Boy, 43, has filed new legal documents claiming he has a dozen witnesses who swear the allegations against the alleged victim are “virtually … Read more

Melanie Lynskey reveals husband Jason Ritter appeared in The Last Of Us as a ‘stunt person’

Melanie Lynskey has revealed that her husband made a secret appearance in The Last of Us as a stunt person. The actress, 45, guest-starred in two episodes as Kathleen, the leader of a group of Kansas City revolutionaries in the series. His story ends with a big shootout as a horde of clickers attack the … Read more