Robin Williams co-star Sam Neill reveals late actor was ‘the saddest person I’ve ever met’

Sam Neill appeared alongside Robin Williams in the 1999 film Bicentennial Man Neill said Williams had a magnetic personality that he could turn it off and on He said he could sense that Williams was deeply saddened Robin Williams co-star Sam Neill recalled the comedian as one of the most depressed and lonely people he … Read more

Melanie Lynskey reveals husband Jason Ritter appeared in The Last Of Us as a ‘stunt person’

Melanie Lynskey has revealed that her husband made a secret appearance in The Last of Us as a stunt person. The actress, 45, guest-starred in two episodes as Kathleen, the leader of a group of Kansas City revolutionaries in the series. His story ends with a big shootout as a horde of clickers attack the … Read more

Harvard University, which requires up to FIVE Covid hits for an individual class

Ivy League schools are still refusing to in-person tutor students who are not up-to-date on their Covid vaccines – in a move deemed “absurd” and “unscientific”. Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Pennsylvania have the strictest mandates, making it a requirement to get a new bivalent enhancer. This means that students at schools who have already received … Read more