Gina Rodriguez is seen for the first time after giving birth, walking with her newborn

By Deirdre Simonds and Brian Marks for 18.37 18.3.2023, updated 19.21 18.3.2023 Gina Rodriguez was seen for the first time since giving birth to her first child, taking a walk with the newborn in Los Angeles, California on Saturday afternoon. Enjoying a leisurely stroll, the 38-year-old Jane the Virgin star wore a white baby … Read more

Experts reveal why 60 minutes of skin-to-skin contact is vital for both mother and newborn

By Stacy Liberatore for 17.44 15.3.2023, updated 18.57 15.3.2023 The first time a mother pulls her newborn close to her skin sets the tone for their relationship, but science shows that this “golden moment” is vital to their health. Medical experts have found that the first 60 minutes of uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact help regulate … Read more