Sean Lampkin, Martin actor, dead at 54

Sean Lampkin, actor best known for his role as bar owner Nipsey in the 1990s sitcom Martinhas died at the age of 54.

The actor’s friend Marsel Watts shared the news on Facebook last Wednesday. “My friend, my last roommate for 10 years, my father and family, my brother, my skating partner, my business partner and my coach died this morning. RIP Sean Lampkin,” he wrote.

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“BKA as bartender Nipsey Martin, Enter the pest control guy bad boys, taxi driver enter Big mother’s house and the shooter enters Life,” he added, listing more of his famous roles. “He was also a black belt in karate. He worked for Martin Lawrence for decades as his right-hand man. No Martin without Sean.”

Memnar Grayton later said that the comedic talent died in his sleep.

“Sean gave us the sun shining every morning to lead his loved ones and friends on paths that are bright and clear of all dangers. He gave us streams of love every day when we weren’t feeling well or didn’t seem to want to do anything,” she wrote. Essence.

“But the thought of her loud laugh and sweet smile made you change your negative thoughts to positive ones,” Grayton added. “That’s the kind of man he is. He gave us time and effort for situations he had no idea about, but he was there to support us for the cause. He gave us his feelings when a family or friend needed sympathy or empathy for their emotional situation.”

Stand-up Guy Torry also paid tribute to Lampkin by sharing a carousel of photos of the two comics hanging with peers like Dave Chappelle on Instagram.

“Rest in STRENGTH bro! My husband #SeanLamp has been called home too. #MartinShow #Nipseys What an underrated funny and GOOD dude,” Torry wrote.

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