Metta World Peace’s Ja Morant hit hard with “reality”.

The Memphis Grizzlies will soon welcome Ja Morant back to the court. The star guard got into a lot of trouble after showing off a gun (which he claims wasn’t even his) on Instagram and was suspended from his team and the NBA. He has took responsibility for his actions and is scheduled to resume operations on Monday.

Several former NBA players have spoken about Morant and offered him words of wisdom. Metta Sandiford-Artest — known mostly as Metta World Peace to basketball fans and embroiled in scandals including the Malice at the Palace scandal during his playing days — praised the Grizzlies star for speaking out so quickly about his situation and said he needs to work on his pride and intensity and channels it in a better way.

“Obviously he must be busy,” Sandiford-Artest said. “So he should probably do something creative. And it could be business, but he has to do something else with his time. For me, it was the worst thing ever — I had time — because I was just doing random, wild things with my time… I’m glad he just has [been suspended for] eight games and now he can come back from it and move on.

And Morant went live with the gun on social media days after a report said he had gotten into a physical altercation with the teenager and flashed the gun afterward. The Grizzlies star has taken steps to come to terms with his misconduct, specifically seeking counseling before he resumes his NBA career.

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