Bruce Willis’ wife Emma Heming Willis sends emotional thank you to fans on her birthday – deadline

Happy birthday to Bruce Willis who turns 68 today. But while the occasion is gratifying, her deteriorating condition from dementia has been difficult for her family, Emma Willis Heming said in an Instagram post today.

Last month, it was revealed that Willis has frontotemporal dementia (FTD), an increasingly debilitating form of the disease.

To ease the stress, Emma has used the Instagram platform to keep fans updated To be tenacious the state of the actor. But today he unpacked his own emotional state.

“So today is my husband’s birthday. I’ve started the morning crying, as you can see by my puffy eyes and stuffy nose.”

She admitted that putting on a brave face in the months following Willis’ diagnosis has been a strain.

“I think it’s just important that you see all sides of this,” he said. “I always get this message, or people always tell me, ‘Oh, you’re so strong, I don’t know how you do it.’ I wasn’t given a choice. I wish I was. But I’m also raising two kids here, so at some point in our lives, we have to dress up a big girl panties and get to it, and that’s what I do. But I have times of sadness every day, sadness every day, and I really feel it today on his birthday.”

Emma said her emotions welled up as she put together an Instagram feed to celebrate her husband’s birthday.

“I don’t know why I do that to myself because the videos are like a knife in my heart,” he admitted to fans. “But as much as I do it for myself, I do it for you because I know how much you love my husband – don’t cry, Emma – but it means so much to me, so thank you.”

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