Andrew Lloyd Webber reveals that his eldest son is seriously ill with stomach cancer

Broadway icon Andrew Lloyd Webber revealed on Saturday that his eldest son is seriously ill with stomach cancer.

The famous English composer and theater impresario said in a statement that he was “absolutely devastated” by his son Nick’s condition.

“As my friends and family know, he has been battling stomach cancer for the past 18 months and Nick is now in hospital,” she said.

Webber said his son’s hospitalization has kept him from attending recent previews of the latest Broadway musical, “Bad Cinderella,” and may not make it to its opening this Thursday.

“We are all praying that Nick will turn the corner. He is fighting bravely with his indomitable humor, but right now my place is with him and the family,” Webber said.

Best known for Broadway shows like “Cats” and “The Phantom of the Opera,” Webber is an EGOT winner, “recipient of an Emmy, four Grammys, an Academy Award and eight Tony Awards,” according to his website.

Webber was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1992 for his contribution to the theatre.

Her latest musical, “Bad Cinderella,” is an updated take on Cinderella, where the princess is a nonconformist who rebels against traditional norms of beauty and behavior.

The show stars Linedy Genao, making her the first Latina to star in an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

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