A viral video shows a girl in China begging on her knees before the woman finally returns her dropped money


A teenage girl was forced to beg after she dropped a 200 yuan (about $29) allowance and the older woman who picked it up claimed it was hers.

The event is said to have taken place in street in Guangzhou in southern China’s Guangdong province over the weekend.

The video shot by a male passerby shows two teenage girls confronting a woman.

Whoever collects the money should own it, the woman says South China Morning Postciting news magazine Xiaoran Video.

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This is his money. We saw you pick it up on the road,” the girl’s friend replies.

When the woman refuses to return the money, the student drops to his knees and tearfully begs for his allowance, which he later explains is his allowance for the whole week.

It’s so wrong that this old lady won’t return the money,” the man filming the interaction can be heard saying.

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The ruckus caused the pedestrians to intervene and help the girl get her money back from the woman.

We saw you get the money”, the man filming tells the woman. “There is no question that you should not return it to the girl. Even if it is 1,000 yuan, you should still give it back, let alone 200 yuan.

Another passerby suggests that the girl call her parents, to which she replies: “My parents don’t live with me. This money is very useful to me.”

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He later explained that he lives with his grandmother while his parents work in another city.

The woman finally gives in and returns the money to the begging girl, as more passers-by have gathered to help the student.

The clip is said to be going viral and has garnered more than 25 million views Weibo and over 5 million views Douyin.

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Many Chinese social media users condemned the woman for her actions, with one criticizing her for “lacking a conscience.”

If the old woman had not returned the money, what extreme should the girl have done? I can’t imagine it. 200 yuan is a big amount to him. What a poor girl,” commented a commenter.

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