A plant-based diet helps slow down aging: Geneticist David Sinclair on the plant vs. meat debate

New Delhi,UPDATED: March 18, 2023 at 2:17 PM IST

By India Today Science Desk: Genetics expert, known for pioneering the science behind age reversal, Dr. David Sinclair said that a plant-based diet has been found to slow aging compared to a meat-based diet.

The Harvard Medical School genetics professor said there is a set of genes that turn on when there is not enough energy, such as low sugar and protein, and protect the body from damage caused by the aging process.

Dr. Sinclair was speaking at the India Today Conclave 2023 in Delhi. He discussed bioswitches and age clocks, the science of age and the reversal of disease as more and more research is done to understand the aging process. The 53-year-old genetics professor, who is also an anti-aging researcher, was recently in the news for claiming to be 10 years younger than his biological age.

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“I went from drinking red wine to eating plants. A vegan diet has no dairy products and replaces the milk with coconut and nut-based milks and yogurts and then typically dinner would be plant-based, which tastes even better. Dr. Sinclair said of the diet she chooses to look young and slow down the aging process.

He added that there is a lot of science behind it. “The proteins in plants have a ratio of amino acids that stimulate longevity genes, and if you eat meat at every meal, your body doesn’t fight like plants help it. Science says plants give you better banks for longevity, and you can eat fish now and then. I’m not against meat, but I try to focus on plants ” Professor Sinclair said.

Dr. David Sinclair speaking at the India Today Conclave 2023 in Delhi. (Photo: India Today)

Speaking about intermittent eating, Dr. Sinclair said you can have a snack, but “don’t eat a big meal before the evening because you want a period where the body doesn’t eat food to activate the defenses.” He added that the good news is that aging is easier to slow down and reverse than we thought. The bad news is that the process shocks our bodies.

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