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Accepting Credit Cards is the most important thing you can do if you want to succeed in business, whether on the Internet, with a store front, or even mail order!

...but the cost of getting a Merchant Account and Payment Processing Gateway that allows you to accept credit cards online can cost up to $995 or MORE, and many small businesses just can’t afford it!

We want YOU to succeed, so, through a special arrangement with two Merchant Credit Card Services firms, you can get your own Merchant Processing Account and Payment Gateway Account and THE SETUP is FREE! We’re SAVING you HUNDREDS of Dollars!

Your “PER TRANSACTION” FEES, GATEWAY FEES and MONTHLY CHARGES may vary, depending on your business and other factors, however, they will be fully disclosed in your individual MERCHANT ACCOUNT AGREEMENT. The following “average” information is provided as a general guideline…

On most accounts, you will have “per transaction” fees (around 2.19% plus $.25 per transaction. Your ongoing basic costs will be the monthly merchant statement fees (approximately $10.00) and the monthly Authorize.net payment processing account charges (around $10.00, plus transaction charges as stated on Authorize.net)…

P.S. Maybe you're wondering WHY we're giving this expensive setup package with our Templates... There's no catch and no hidden reasons — the Merchant Service partners we're lucky enough to work with want YOUR business. We do, too. The Merchant Service companies and Authorize.net make money on your transaction fees over the period of their relationship with you, and we get the chance to establish a good relationship with a new, valued client! It's just good business to cut out the competition by adding incredible value to your purchase! 

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