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Q. How can I get one of your web templates customized?

A. Simply contact us, preferably with a phone call. Talking one-on-one usually makes it easier to determine exactly what you want and how you want it!

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Q. How long does it take to finish a website design using Web Templates or FrontPage Templates? Do I need experience?

A. Using a template means that you don't need to have page layout or graphic design experience. It's EASY to produce your website with a template, since all you really have to do is replace our words and images with yours!

The amount of time it takes to complete your website really depends on you! Many people have finished a good-sized website in a day or two. If you have your information and products or services ready to go, the web design tasks will be a lot simpler.

Subscribe to My Website News if you want continuing information that will help you keep your website current and your web success path a lot easier!

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Q. Why are we giving a FREE Merchant Account setup and FREE Authorize.net setup with our Web Templates? Is there a catch?

A. Because it's good business for us to add substantial extra value to our products! It gives us an edge over the "competition"!

NO! There is NO Catch. Our reasons are logical and simple...

We could charge you a large "setup fee" like everyone else does, but then you'd have to go off and do price comparisons to see which is the best value...  FREE is tough for others to compete with, so we'll have a better chance of having you choose OUR products!

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Q. Which size or style of the Web Site Templates do I choose for MY web design?

A. The simple answer is that you should choose a Web Template that will fill your website growth and web design needs for at least a year. It isn't hard to put together a website. It IS hard to redo one!

The MEGA Templates offer virtually any page layout you might need, while the Standard templates offer the basics. You know your website needs better than anyone, but if you need help in making the best decision, give us a call and we'll work through the process with you!

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Q. What are HTML Templates and Style Sheets?

A. An HTML template is a collection of pre-designed web pages, just like any other template, except that it uses an additional page called a style sheet. When your website is opened in someone's web browser, the style sheet commands how the template/pages will look colors, fonts, links, placement, etc.

The best and most important thing to know about HTML/CSS templates is that they can be used in ANY web design or HTML editing program Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia's Dreamweaver, HomeSite, etc. You can also edit your pages using Notepad or any plain text editor, although these text editors don't show you how the page will look until it's opened in a web browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape.

Learning to edit your fonts, colors, links, etc., in a CSS Style Sheet isn't difficult. Many of our newer web templates use style sheets that contain "Follow the Words " instructions. But the html code used in a style sheet is relatively easy to understand. The style tags are self-explanatory, like ".navigation" is obviously the tag that drives the appearance of your navigation bars!

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Q. Can I use Website Templates or HTML Templates in FrontPage? Don't I need FrontPage Templates wouldn't they work better in FrontPage?

A. You CAN use HTML Templates (we call them Web Templates) in FrontPage.

The major difference between the web template and a FrontPage template is that the FrontPage Templates uses the auto-generated tags in FrontPage.

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Q. Do I have to use the Style Sheets if I'm using Microsoft FrontPage?

A. No. But note that the Style Sheets still allow you more control over how your fonts, colors and links appear. FrontPage generated tags are often limiting in allowing you to create versatile navigations, cell and font colors, etc.

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Q. What else will I need for my website?

A. This answer depends on what your website will do! If you're going to have an e-commerce or "profit-making" website, you'll need:

  • A Merchant Account and Gateway processor so that you can get sell products or services and accept credit cards.
  • A good domain name and dependable web hosting service.
  • Help or information on how you can get your website into the Search Engines and Directories, THEN, how you can get your website ranked high in the Search Engines
  • Information about where to get products to sell, and how to get the best prices so your profits are bigger!
  • Ongoing help, information and tips on how to market your products or services and how to create a truly profitable online business!
  • Join our newsletter and watch our "Website Resources" page!

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Q. Can I use one of the Website Templates on more than one site?

A. No. Our license requires you to use the Web Templates on ONE website! If you need more licenses, contact us and we'll work out something that's affordable.

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Q. What is your return and refund policy?

A. Our Web Templates are software, and like all other software, there is no way for you to "return" these products so we do not offer returns or refunds. We DO offer a complete preview of each website, and recommend that you take the time to choose the best website design for YOUR needs!

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Q. How do I change the Logo from "Your Name Here" or whatever it's called in the Template, to my company name?

A. Every web templates package comes with a "sample logo" and a "blank logo". You can easily add your name to the blank logo.

We will also be happy to add your name to the logo for you, at no charge, for thirty days after your purchase.

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